1. Hunting ground
  2. Undefeated
  3. Citizenfour
  4. Project Nim
  5. Chasing ice is the way I list my favorite ones the I like to dislike. The reason why I like the Hunting ground was that there are girls being sexually abuse.No more when it happening it always happening it will never stop. I like the Hunting ground for that that there are some college girls being sexually abuse.

Social issue

What is your social issue? Why is it such a social issue? What do people disagree about in relation to this topic? What is your proposed solution? Why do you think this is the best solution?
What are pros to your solution? What are cons to your solution?

My social issue is about should euthanasia and physician assisted be’s a social issue because elder people are using this to end there life not only elder people there are also adult. They only do this because they feel lonely. What people disagree about is that there are people getting euthanasia and they don’t even have any illness. But the people that they do right away to ask for euthanasia to end their live even tho they have there treatment for there illness. That why people disagree about this and having them asking for it. I think it the best solution because yes they wouldn’t be in pain no more and not letting them go through a lot. The pro for this solution is them just stopping they going through pain and not supporting it. The cons about this solution is that it not right for them to ask right away for euthanasia just cause they feel lonely. And that they don’t want to take the treatment it either. Other thing is that they have treatment for their illness and they still ask for the Euthanasia. I think if they have a treatment

Black History Month

Madam C.J. Walker was  born on December 23, 1867 her death was on May 25, 1919. Born at Near Delta, Louisiana her death was at New York.  She was famous for hair care products in 1905 after of suffering from s scalp ailment that resulted in her own hair loss. She was also the first African American woman to be an  self made millionaire. She also donated the larger amount of money by an African American toward the construction of an Indianapolis YMCA. Walker open a factory and a beauty school in Pittsburgh ans also by 1910 she transferred her business to Indianapolis. By her making hair product made her a millionaire. She made so much product to help out everyone else that may have the disorder but also just made regular hair products for the African Americans. Madam C.J. Walker husband was also helping her create advertisement for a hair treatment. Charles which is her husband also encouraged her to use more recognizable name which was her names and she was there after known.

Should gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples?

People are voting if it alright for LGBT couples to do adoption and if they have the rights to even do it. LGBT is adoption for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons. There are 708,064 votes that people said yes that  it Alright for LGBT couple should have the same rights as the straight couple. In the other hand there are 182,209 votes that people disagree about it. So in the pie chart it was 80% say yes and 20% say no. By what people are saying is that they don’t think it right for that to happen just from children see other family with a mother and a father. And not with the same sex and then they are going to be questioning. Another thing is that children would be bullied a lot and wanted to be school home. They are also saying that both men or both women wouldn’t do a father role or a mother role. People that are saying yes they are saying that gay couple make excellent parents. Also it doesn’t matter at least the children is being love and being care off like what other parents do for there child. There isn’t no different of how to take care of a child the only different is that there are gay couples. There are still loving and caring about their kid. There is 25 legal counties doing this

Sharing Table

There are some Elementary School that are doing the Share Table. A Share Table is like whatever food that the kids don’t want they can drop it off there but it has to be unopened food or drinks. So what they do with the leftover food often goes to a local food bank but there are some school  that take them to church. There is a school named Aloma Elementary in Orlando they donates their leftover food to church and it said int he article that they help feed about 100 homeless people every week. If this wasn’t happening all the food will be going to the trash and it wouldn’t be helping out everyone. So now they thought of doing this Share table and it really helping out family and people that can’t afford food for their self or to there family. Now that they created the Sharing table it helping people out. Do you think they should start the Share Table in every school? Do you think this is a positive news to share about?

The Day of Thanksgiving

In Thanksgiving Day we all gather together and gather all our foods that we all made. When it time for dinner we all set the table and then we all pray. Then we go around the table and just say what are we thankful for. After everyone goes around and says what there are thankful for then we just start to eat all together. We be having turkey and ham some times ribs or there just times that we just order food. There are some thanksgiving that we go to the store and there some that we don’t but if we do. We just make plan like these people go to this place and the others go somewhere else. When we are all finish shopping we all come back together and just hang around and talk just having a good time. Also we be having cake and just having something warm to drink for example chocolate. Then we just be there for a while and then we some stay there and sleep or some go home.